Dick Meske

I was born in a small farming town on the shore of Lake Huron, Michigan. It was a happy place to grow up.
 I was fascinated with woodworking early on watching my dad and uncles building things from a fishing boat to toys.
 Shop class in high school was second only to baseball and basketball (there weren't enough of us to field a football team).
I also loved guitar music and bought my first guitar from a buddy for $5. A couple years later when I was fourteen I got my first store-bought guitar for Christmas. Later, after graduating from college and seminary I got my first new guitar, a 1966 Martin D18, which I still have.
I was on the staff at Harborview Mental Health Center in Seattle, Washington from 1979 to 1998, working as a PhD. Psychologist specializing in Geriatric Mental Health.
In 1998 my wife and I retired to Camano Island and I built  an extensive woodworking shop, where I began building basic wood articles.
However, when I realized that I didn't want my expensive guitar leaning against a wall, and yet I wanted it close at hand to play whenever the mood struck, I designed and built my first guitar stand.
I make stands for both acoustic and electric, as well as to other stringed instruments, using figured big leaf maple, black walnut and other wood for highlights.
 I enjoy a little pickin' whenever I feel like it, and play more frequently when my guitar is right there beside me on my stand.
Dick Meske
phone:  360-387 5267 (home) 425-330-3326 (cell)