Community Page

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals is a non-profit 501c3 organization which supports the local community by providing a platform for local talent to display and sell their products in its production of the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals.

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, which produces Summer Arts Jam in addition to other local festivals works closely with the local chamber of commerce to involve community members in festival production.  The festival highlights local businesses  in its advertising campaigns.  Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals works closely with the Snohomish County Tourism department to encourage tourism in the Stanwood, Wa and Port Susan region and Amtrak Cascades .

Stanwood is one of the lucky I-5 border towns with a train station (Florence Outdoor Train Station located on 271st in downtown Stawood).  You can order tickets for Amtrak Cascades to take the train to Stanwood to attend Summer Arts Jam or go anywhere else Amtrak Cascades can take you at: