Summer Arts Jam 2019 Artist Vendors – Click on the green type below to go to the Zapp Website Page

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Are you new to Zapp?

  • If you want to enter the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and you are not a member of Zapp you need to join Zapp (free for artists).
  • Zapp has instructions which are easy to follow and will guide you through the entire process.
  • You will need to upload to Zapp a few photos of your artwork and a photo of your booth.   These photos will remain on Zapp and you can use them to enter other artshows in our area and across the nation if you choose.
  • You will then need to access the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and submit your Zapp application, Zapp photos and pay the jury fee via Zapp.
  • You will be notified post jurying if you work is accepted into the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and you will pay booth fees at that time.
  • You will now have photos and information about yourself in Zapp making you eligible to apply for all of the art shows listed within Zapp.
  • If you have any questions about the Zapp process, please contact Sally Pray at: